Trading harmonic patterns? You’ll want this:

New "Harmonic Pattern Pro for Tradingview" Indicator Automatically Detects 6 High-Probability Patterns In ALL Markets & Timeframes and Alerts You The Moment A New Pattern Forms...

From Gartley pattern to Butterfly… to Crab… to Bat… to Cypher… to Shark… this indicator is capable of spotting them ALL, automatically.

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✔️ It detects ALL 6 popular harmonic patterns: Gartley, Butterfly, Crab, Bat, Cypher, Shark.

✔️ Displays all historical patterns as well as newly formed patterns...

✔️ Gives you alerts as soon as a valid pattern forms...

This Harmonic Pattern Indicator identifies ALL of the most popular harmonic patterns in REAL TIME for you. It does the heavy lifting for you when it comes to automatically detecting high-probability patterns.

Plus, it also gives you all kinds of alerts as soon as a valid pattern is completed.

Anyway, let’s dive right in…

Here’s the first pattern the indicator helps you spot:

Harmonic Pattern Indicator Detects "Gartley" Pattern In REAL Time On All Time Frames...

Take a look at an example of how well the Harmonic Pattern Indicator works when it comes to identifying the Gartley price pattern – one of the most popular harmonic patterns:

In this example, the Harmonic Pattern Indicator spots a bearish Gartley pattern and alerts you that there’s a high-probability short trade.

Let’s look at another Gartley pattern identified by the Harmonic Pattern Indicator:


And here’s the second price pattern that the Harmonic Pattern Indicator detects for you:

Harmonic Pattern Indicator works extremely well at identifying the "Bat" harmonic pattern...

This example illustrates an important advantage harmonic patterns give you: These patterns might precede an upcoming market reversal.

In this case, the formation of a “Bat” harmonic pattern marks the end of the previous downtrend, and the beginning of a new uptrend. And the Harmonic Pattern Indicator does all the hard work and identifies this pattern for you.

Moving on, here’s an example of a bearish Bat pattern identified by the Harmonic Pattern Indicator:

Now, let’s talk about how…

Harmonic Pattern Pro indicator is hard at work, spotting high-probability "Shark" harmonic patterns...

This is on the Loonie 4H time frame. And as you can see, the Harmonic Pattern Indicator alerts you to a high-probability long trade setup by identifying a Bullish Shark harmonic pattern.

Here's my own personal rules for trading these harmonic patterns. And you have my permission to use it as a starting point to build your OWN trading plan...

Let me give you my own trading rules for trading harmonic patterns.

We’ll use this bullish “Cypher” harmonic pattern (detected by the Harmonic Pattern Indicator on Euro/JPY 1h) to illustrate how these trading rules work:

Entry Rule – Once the indicator detects a complete BULLISH harmonic pattern, we place a pending BUY order just above the close of the last bar within the pattern.

In this example, shortly after the bullish Cypher pattern is completed, the price moves up and triggers our pending buy order. And now that we’re in a long trade, we need clear exit and stop loss rules.

Exit & Stop Loss Rule – Our rule is simple: We use a trailing stop of 3 x ATR. So, let’s say the ATR value is 50 pips, then we’d use a trailing stop of 3 x 50 = 150 pips.

So, for this example, with the 3 x ATR trailing stop, let’s see how this trade works out:

Moving on, here’s another harmonic pattern that the Harmonic Pattern Indicator can help you find…

Harmonic Pattern Indicator flawlessly detect all valid "Butterfly" harmonic patterns for you...

Take a look at this example:

Here's another harmonic pattern that the indicator detects for you: the Crab pattern...

Take a look at this example:

In this case, the Harmonic Pattern Pro Indicator detects a Crab harmonic pattern for us. And this pattern marks the end of the previous uptrend, and the beginning of the new downtrend.

Amazing, isn’t it?

By the way, it’s very very easy to trade with Harmonic Pattern Pro indicator because you’ll also get:

The indicator gives you all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a setup appears...

You’ll get all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a new trade setup appears…

And you can customize these alerts in any way you want.

But Hang On... We're Not Done...

Further down this page, you’ll notice there are 2 purchase options you can choose.

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This dashboard perfectly complements the Harmonic Pattern Pro indicator and take Harmonic Pattern Pro to a whole level.

It’s actually a suite of 2 amazing scanners:

  • Harmonic Pattern Dashboard MTS (MTS stands for Muti-Symbol) that scans up to 10 different symbols for powerful harmonic patterns
  • Harmonic Pattern Dashboard MTF (MTF stands for Multi-Timeframe) that scans up to 7 different time-frames for powerful harmonic patterns


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It works on ALL markets internationally that are available on Tradingview: FX, stocks, indices, commodities, futures, etc…

They work on all timeframes that are available on Tradingview, from 1-minute to monthly.

These indicators work on Tradingview (both computers and mobile devices)

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Harmonic Flowz - Verified Purchase
Harmonic Flowz - Verified Purchase
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James Ngo - Verified Purchase
James Ngo - Verified Purchase
Good investment
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R Rodgers - Verified Purchase
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Terence - Verified Purchase
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