This "Vertical Bar" Pattern May Tell You IN ADVANCE Whether The Price Is Going To Break Support/Resistance, Take Off & Never Look Back... Or Whether It Will Hold And The Price Will Reverse

So you can trade in the RIGHT direction, avoid soul-crushing losses, and join the trend with great timing & score big winners.

So you see the price is testing this resistance level:

It’s crunch time. What should I do now? Will this resistance hold? Or will the price break it?

You’re confused.

But then the Vertical Bar pattern comes to help.

It’s short for an extremely powerful bearish pattern called Bearish Outside Vertical Bar. The pattern shows up on your chart, right at the resistance zone. And tells you exactly what to do.

Now you can be confident placing a short trade. When this pattern forms, the price is much more likely to fall.

So there’s a high probability this resistance will hold. And the price will make an aggressive move downward.

Look at what happens next:

Easy, right?

But that’s just for starters.

Let’s turn it up a notch. Let me show you…

Even more powerful ways to trade with Vertical Bar indicator...

Take a look at this chart:

Did you see that MACD Histogram is showing bullish divergence? That means this downtrend is losing momentum.

But when exactly should we pull the trigger?

What’s going to give us a confirmation that a trend reversal will occur?

This is where the Vertical Bar pattern comes in:

The result: Just as the pattern predicted, the market immediately starts to move upward… FAST.

So you’ve just seen how good the Vertical Bar pattern is at predicting the beginning of new market trends. So you can jump on the trend right from the very beginning.

But that’s just part of the story. It gets even more interesting:

There's ANOTHER great way in which Vertical Bar pattern helps you extract even more profits from big trends...

Let’s stick with the case study that we’ve just discussed.

So… after the first setup, there’s ANOTHER Vertical Bar bullish pattern formed.

And the formation of this pattern tells you that there’s still a lot of momentum in this trend. And that the price will likely continue for quite some time.

And as a consequence, you can either add to your current position. Or… if you somehow missed the first signal, you can now get onboard to profit from this uptrend.

Anyway, here’s the scoop:

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