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Conclusion – The Recipe for Success

So here we are. You’ve reached the last chapter! In this chapter I just wanted to take some time to put everything together. We’ve covered a lot of material in this book. You should now have knowledge of the psychology behind trading, money management, and even a few concepts to help you understand where you’ve

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Advanced Trading Psychology

Introduction In this chapter of the book, I want to move back into trading psychology. Whenever you hit a roadblock in your trading career it is very likely that this is the knowledge you will need to get back on track. It isn’t that your trading system isn’t important, or that when you trade isn’t;

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Common Money Management Mistakes

Introduction Before I move on from money management I wanted to take some time to cover some very common money management mistakes. There are two major mistakes that traders make as they are learning Forex and if you are guilty of either of these it will likely end your trading career early. Whenever you trade,

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Asymmetrical Leveraging

An Introduction to Asymmetrical leveraging (with proper compounding) One area that needs to be clearly understood to both reduce your risk, and maximize your profits, is asymmetrical leveraging. Having a clear understanding will allow you to take your account to the next level much faster. Truly this is one chapter, that if you only read

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